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Renovation Cost Consulting



Are you discouraged by the amount of work that most houses on the market need? Do you want to know how long and how much it will cost to renovate prior to making an offer? FCC provides buyers with the information they need before buying a house through our unique service.

What We Do:

FCC provides professional general contracting and design/build services to turn your vision into a reality.

As a first step, our Renovation Cost Consultant will meet onsite with you to define your vision. Based on the discussed scope, a dollar value and a design/build time frame will be provided before you make an offer.

How It Works:

FCC will provide estimated renovation costs on properties prior to your offer on the property.

You will have the opportunity to share your vision and discuss potential projects with our professional staff, increasing your confidence in the project and the purchase.

The Benefits:
  • Armed with your target purchase price, the cost to renovate, and an estimated duration of the project, you can make educated offer.

  • Save time and avoid a lengthy negotiating process with better data from the very start.

  • Removing guesswork will move you to a "yes" or "no" decision faster, making your home search more efficient.

  • Put definition to your vision for the property with the help of professionals, and get valuable input on the most cost-effective solutions.

  • Eliminate time lost waiting for you to find multiple contractors.

Who We Are:
  • FCC's renovation cost and time estimates are realistic and accurate because they're based on years of experience in construction management and home renovations.

  • We excel in full interior and exterior renovations and have received commendations for our historic home restorations.

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